Osky Catfish Sausage

The First Catfish Sausage In Nigeria!

Many sausage (hotdog) companies and sausage brands exist in Nigeria and Africa. But only one in the entire African continent makes its sausage from catfish in Ondo state, Nigeria.

Since 2018, the Osky family has been devoted to the time-honored tradition of hand-crafting sausage the authentic way. We use only the finest cuts of catfish meats and the freshest spices to produce this innovative product that is completely kid and adult friendly.

Available at any of these Malls and Supermarkets near you in Lagos!

Osky Catfish Sausage

No compromise to your health.

The only gourmet sausage made with 100% fish

We took our time with this one! It’s never hurried, never compromised, and contains no MSG or fillers. Just real, authentic catfish meats grown in their natural environment and crafted the old-fashioned Nigeria way. Bold. Hearty. And so satisfying.

You’ll want to take your time enjoying Osky Catfish Smoked Sausages. Because we sure took our time making these healthy sausages(hotdog) that are rich in Omega 3 oil and have lowered fat.

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Osky Catfish Smoked sausages are a good source of quality protein for your kids and adult. It was made from 100% catfish meat, which is also a good source of omega-3 oil.

Available in Major Malls, Stores and Supermarkets Nationwide